Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time to Catch-Up

I wanted this weekend to be spectacular in terms of catching up with my scrapbooking projects. Before I start the layouts using the new papers in the Autumn-Winter Idea Book, I need to finish projects I started during the summer. Here are some of them.

I still need to place some pictures but I would like to share what I have been doing lately.



  1. Looks like you have about as many works in progress as I do! And, if you have as many in your head planned as me, you're waaay behind too! Love your blog! I'll be a regular visitor. --Molly

  2. Great job on the card and scrapbook layouts! Can't wait to see more. Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day!

  3. Thanks Molly and RaeRae for your kind words!



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